Lesson 2

Chess Board

Lesson 2

Chess Board

  • To Develop Spatial Awareness

  • To Introduce Spatial and Geometric Concepts

  • To Develop Logical and Mathematical Thinking Processes

  • To Learn to Transition from 3-dimensional to 2-dimensional Visualization

  • To Learn to Cooperate within a Group Setting

  • To Learn How to Use Measuring Tools to Determine Quantity and Size

  • Relationship between Space and Movement

  • Geometric Concepts: The Shape of a Square, Files, Ranks, Diagonals, Alternating Points, Individual Squares of Chess Board


Beginning the Class

  • Beginning the Class & Review of the Previous Lesson

  • The Chess Song: “Welcome to Chessland” (See “Lesson One” for the text of The Chess Song)

5 Minutes



The Chess Board

5 Minutes


Movement Game

The “Black&White Squares” Game

10 Minutes

The “Black & White Squares” Game

  • Discussing the colors of the Chess board: The instructor asks the students to identify the colors of the Chess board.

  • Rules of the Game:

    • The instructor selects a group of students (max. 15).

    • The teacher established a beat using a drum or tambourine, or by clapping.

    • When the beat stops and the instructor announces a square-color, the students must stand upon a Square of that color (on the floor set).

  • Second Phase:

    • The instructor announces a color and a pose (on one leg; hands in the air or the like).


Movement Game

The “File, Rank, and Diagonal” Game

10 Minutes

The “File, Rank, and Diagonal” Game

  • The instructor should introduce the students to the concepts of File, Rank, and Diagonal on the Chess board.

  • How the Game is Played:

    • The instructor and the students determine a set of moves representing files, ranks, and diagonals.

    • The instructor establishes a beat (or plays music), and when the beat/music ceases the teacher announces “File,” “Rank,” or “Diagonal,” and the students must perform the related action.


ChessMatec Problem-Solving

10 Minutes


The instructor displays the puzzles (using a projector or television) and guides the class through the problem-solving process. The instructor should confirm that the students have solved the puzzle correctly, and that they understand that answer.

  • Level 1, Exercises 1-3


Workstations in Rotationment

1. ChessMatec App

2. Booklet

3. Team Play

Workstations in Rotation


  • Workbook: Pages 2—3

  • ChessMatec App: Level 1,  Exercises 1-5.

  • Team Play: The students play a game of chess in pairs (on tournament chess sets).

15 Minutes


Conclusion of Lesson

5 Minutes


Lesson Summary and Concluding Sign.


  • Final Review:

    • What is the shape of a Chess board?

      • A square

    • How many individual Squares are there on a Chess board?

      • 64

    • How many Squares appear in each file? Rank? Big Diagonal?

      • 8

    • How many White Squares are there on a Chess board? Black?

      • 32 of each color

See You Next Time in the Kingdom of Chess


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